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Om Family
Om Family

Shamanic Energy Healing

Duration: 45 Min


This is deep energy work for clearing, cleansing and harmonizing of the energies that from our auric field as well as the physical body. Through transmissions of energy, sound and touch blocks created through traumas and shocks can be dissolved. A deep letting go acceptance and understanding is the result, opening new doors to your inner being.


  • The ability to enter into deep inner states without all the "noises"
  • More joy and fulfillment with the present moment.
  • Personal empowerment.
  • Feeling in control of one's destiny.
  • Healing with traumatic life events. 
  • Deep appreciation for life. 
  • Death of the ego. 
  • Relief from physical and mental pain
  • Knowledge shamanism
  • connection with Divine soul
  • how to heal soul


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