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Swami Dhayan Sagar

Our Founder

Om family's founding member and guiding light is Swami Dhyan Sagar. Because of his joyful radiant heart and soul, Sw. Dhyan Sagar is often lovingly called by the name "Happy" by his students and clients. He founded the original Om family in Pokhara in 1995 and has cultivated its growth ever since.

Sw. Dhyan Sagar started his own spiritual journey at the age of seventeen. He sensed and realised that there was more to life than what exists at the surface... so he began !8: quest for a deeper meaning and understanding of the human and soul experience. 

This path brought the discovery of the teachings and techniques of Osho. Through Osho's teachings Sw. Dhyan Sagar felt his first sparks of elevated consciousness. He was able to move into the unknown and explore his relationship with life, death and a return to "the whole", to oneness in Gaia.

Sw. Dhyan Sagar uses insight brought by years of meditation and exploration to Om Family and draws from it for every aspect of his life and work. He is an internationally qualified yoga, meditation, reiki and bodywork instructor with a passion to share his gifts, skills and talents with the world around him.

Swami Styam

MINDFULNESS meditation course instructor

MINDFULNESS meditation course instructor.

Teaching meditation from 27 years

Swami Prem Rijan

Life coach & therapist

Lila ma

Yoga instructor & Chakra healing therapist

Ma sadhana

Massage & reiki therapist

Ma Sanora

Ayurvedic yoga massage therapist & holistic healer

Swami Uygar

Shaman Therapist

Katie Jayne

Energy alchemist - Intuitive guide

Joyti Subedi

Massage Therapist

Ma Joanna

Sound healer and shirodhara therapist

Suwen Yang

Instructor Mindfulness