Healing and Guiding since 1997
Om Family
Om Family

About Us

Om Family is an Ashram of yoga and meditation located near the foothills of the sacred Himalayan Mountains in Pokhara, Nepal. Our Ashram is a sacred place that teaches a greater way of living; that brings more happiness, deeper peace, blissful relaxation, and jovial celebration of the beauty of life.

Spiritual teacher, Swami Dhyan Sagar, established Om Family in Pokhara in 1997. Since its creation, Om Family Ashram has been a guiding light to spiritual seekers and those who seek healing and vitality. 

Each day in our Ashram, you have opportunities to share in a wide array of uniquely powerful spiritual healing courses and workshops. 

Our transformative offerings include creative arts, holistic health treatments, as well as both spiritual and practical guidance for personal transformation and empowerment. 

Whether you are just beginning your healing spiritual journey or are already deep within your path, there is a place for you at Om Family Home. Welcome! Our heart and door is open for you.